Property Management

What’s more relaxing than professionals looking after your property!

One Earth Property Management is one mediatory party you need for managing your property. Our services offer experienced consultancy through fundamental tech-driven market leading solutions to obtain the prime objective of maximizing returns and providing complete peace of mind to our clients.

Our Service


Most essential process for any property. With experienced team we manage the inspection / snagging process with our clients to ensure their property is received in a blue-chip condition.

Listing and Marketing

With our multifaceted devoted team we provide A to Z marketing solutions:

  • Evaluation and assessment of property for better & quick returns
  • Property Profiling, photography, professional videos & Virtual Tours
  • Marketing channels for lead generation on property portals plus other platforms of interactive marketing

Lease Management

How much rent should one pay? It all depends on the unit size, property location etc etc. Property analyses, valuation, finding screened tenant to documentation to collecting payments and completing renewal formalities as per the governing laws, One Earth handholds tenants through the process.

Property Maintanance

One Earth provides a team of approved vendors to carry out a quality maintenance work on your property, protecting your assert. After all keeping property in a mint condition adds life to it.

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