CEO Talks “Keep things simple and follow these vital tips when planning to buy property in Dubai”

CEO Talks “Keep things simple and follow these vital tips when planning to buy property in Dubai”

If you are a buyer looking to invest in the Dubai real estate market we understand that it can be challenging to make rational investment decisions and understand the property market due to many factors like overwhelming adds, social media, impact of property supply on property prices, relation of changing property price index based on future demand for lifestyle in each area and many other factors.

We at One Earth Properties humbly request buyers as a first step “ Find opportunity in the Product and not the Seller’’. It is foremost important to identify the products as per your individual needs and at the same time take advantage of the payment plan options. Today is the best opportunity to buy a home from Developers offering attractive post-handover payment plans and incentives like property management fees waiver, DLD fees waiver, choosing ideal locations with the best panoramic views, best amenities and more with attractive ticket prices. These factors should be considered as a key strategy while choosing your ideal home.

We urge buyers to choose your home or investment not just by judging and evaluating the property as per the loss incurred by the seller, but to choose a property which can accommodate your personal preference with a safe and friendly neighbourhood where your family can feel at home. Additionally, home buyers can also benefit by choosing a property with great amenities to have an active lifestyle. It’s also important to have close proximity to schools, your place of work and access to main roads for quick routes to anywhere in Dubai.

For all end users and investors looking for attractive future return on investments, we will share our best picks and hottest real estate projects to buy in Dubai which will fetch you a positive price appreciation in the near future on your investments.

We request owners who are current sellers, please review the valuation of your investment with One Earth’s team of specialists before concluding a deal and to bring about the right results and avoid making a loss on your investments. We at One Earth Properties would like to make sure you get the best and happiest address in Dubai.

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